Rosell announces that he will not be a candidate for the presidency

first_imgRosell, by the way, supported the remodeling of the Board of Directors that Josep Maria Bartomeu has recently implemented (“Barto is stronger than people think,” he says). And he denied that the new Board has a rosellista scent: “It is a falsehood, unprofessional journalists who misinform and do not contrast. Barto has made his decisions alone, and all the managers who follow, were already. If I had influenced, as an example , I would have tried for my friend Silvio Elías to continue on the Board of Directors. It should surprise me that this sector of the press says that, but unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me. All of them ‘casually’ with the same message as if it were a mantra, coordinated by someone superior, and in all the media that have always been against it, from 2010 until now. Many of them, means that with our arrival to the Barça presidency lost their privileges. What I do not know how to decipher is if that media sector when it uses the adjective “Rosellista”, is it a negative or positive adjective? … ha ha ha. Although it was an open secret, the official confirmation of the protagonist and In the interview with Mundo Deportivo, Sandro Rosell, president of the Barça club between 2010 and January 2014, confirmed that he will not be one of the candidates in the 2021 electoral process: “I promised my mother that while she is alive I would not present myself, and I hope that my mother lives 150 years. In addition, it is necessary to know how to turn the page and not last forever in charges…However, no one escapes that Rosell’s voice will be as important as that the candidate who is blessed by the former president will rise like the foam in the polls. In permanent war with Jaume Roures, Rosell says he wants Barça away from media interests. A message to those who relate the candidacy of Víctor Font with Roures: “I follow all the news with great interest. The only thing I want is that no candidate represents the media or economic interests that have always wanted to control the club to invoice and earn money at their expense, as has happened at some past stage. I will not support whoever represents media, economic and / or political interests, and when the time is right and if the partners want to listen to me, I will openly denounce who represents them (those media interests) so as not to vote for him. “last_img

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