“The Premier is not suitable for Messi, it is not Cristiano Ronaldo”

first_imgIn this sense, he again compared the physical level of Cristiano Ronaldo with that of Messi and even ventured to say that the withdrawal of ‘10’ from Barça is approaching: “Ronaldo is a monster, but at 32, Messi is only one or two years old playing at the highest level. Even playing at Barça together with great players, you will not have the same rhythm or the same ability to haggle. I’m sure he knows the end is not far away. “All this comes to mind after the controversy preceded by the dissent between Leo Messi and Eric Abidal, which has unleashed all kinds of rumors, including the possible departure of the Rosario from Can Barça. Petit also got wet about this event: “Abidal has also had problems with Xavi, a legend of Barça. We are not used to Messi talking on social networks that way. It is usually very quiet, so you must be very upset. “ Emmanuel Petit, a World champion with the French national team and Premier League with Arsenal, He also had his way through the ranks of Barcelona after triumphing as a footballer gunner. However, This past culé did not care when charging hard against Leo Messi and a hypothetical signing for Manchester City, in declarations granted to the English media Daily MirrorThe former French midfielder claimed that the Argentine star would not be prepared for the intensity with which the English teams play: “Honestly, I don’t think it’s suitable for the intensity of England. He does not like to be locked up and kicked because in Spain he is protected. It would be a pleasure for English fans to see it, but I don’t see why a club like City, for example, would be the one chosen by Messi to move at age 32 or 33 “.At the age of the Argentine, Petit also appealed, remarking that the club led by Guardiola should have bid for him before: “If the City wanted to buy it, it should have tried a couple of years ago. Messi is not Cristiano Ronaldo. Physically, it is not the same machine. “last_img

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