The optimistic conformity is installed in the Camp Nou

first_imgUndoubtedly, the fact of coming from a volcanic week in which the club has been in the wild because of the controversy between the star Messi and the technical secretariat has influenced the diagnosis. The idea of ​​giving a sense of false normality and of rebuilding the building before what lies ahead is urgent. In LaLiga, the team faces on Sunday a difficult test in the field of Betis. Barcelona is three points away from Real Madrid and they will no longer be worth hot cloths and is two and a half weeks away from resuming their participation in the Champions League with the knockout round of 16 against Naples.The mentioned elimination of Real Madrid, the LaLiga leader who visits El Sadar de Pamplona on Sunday, also influences the stage. As it happened in the past, Barça begins to console itself with the misfortunes of the eternal rival. Bad symptom.After the dismissal of Valverde, Setién works against the clock in a kind of preseason during the official competition to which the handicap of having an extremely short squad of players is added. The Cantabrian coach continues his crusade to return to the team the most recognizable hallmarks of his game and for the moment, that is valued more that the sporting march of a team that, exactly as it happened with Valverde a month ago, has fallen eliminated from another competition after making its best game in weeks. The previous time, in the Saudi Super Cup, the consequences were tremendous and said goodbye to the coach. Now, it seems that you have more patience and even some optimism.A patience that can be exhausted very soon if that improvement in the game does not come accompanied by an almost immediate improvement in results, because Barça has two nails left to stick to: LaLiga that led until the change of coach and the always complicated European card. For now and despite the elimination of San Mamés the recipe is that of an optimistic conformism. Barça dropped in San Mamés in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey and surprisingly, nothing happened … at least for now. It’s more, It was just the opposite of what you would expect when the Blaugrana team falls into a competition in which he has played the last six finals: it was accepted with some optimism, resignation and even, as coach Blaugrana said, “satisfaction.”After a week he convulses in the wake of Abidal’s statements and Messi’s response after Ousmane Demebéle’s injury a feeling of optimistic conformity that seemed banished long ago has been installed in the Camp Nou.The reading by the main levels of the club (manager, coach and players) coincides, at least publicly in vindicate a positive reading of a defeat that separates Barcelona from the title in which a priori it had more opportunities to achieve, more taking into account that Real Madrid had fallen by surprise in its stadium just before the Bilbao duel against Real Sociedad began.However, despite the elimination the coach said “leave satisfied” of San Mamés, the players praised the team’s game and said they are on the right track and both President Josep Maria Bartomeu, and Guillermo Amor, responsible for Institutional Relations of the club, they were optimistic and affirmed that “Playing like this will win many titles.” All of them, in addition, slipped between their arguments that Barça had been unfairly attached to the competition by “a team that has only once pulled into goal” and they complained to a greater or lesser extent about the performance of the referee who missed a possible penalty from Capa to Frenkie de Jong.last_img

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