Zidane on the Barça crisis: “They will compete until the end”

first_imgVinicius and his work in defense: “Yes, but generally happy with all my players. It has quality, it is young, but happy.” Vinicius, character and confidence: “He has it. The fact that he doesn’t play doesn’t go there. I give confidence to all my players. It’s eleven every game, 18 and the rest are out. There are two things that bother me: the injured player and the one who doesn’t is summoned. The trust is total towards my players. And to all. ” Valverde: “He has to improve in everything. He is very young is a player who is showing that he has a place in Real Madrid, but he has to improve in everything and that will be so until the end of his career.”Jovic’s moment: “We are trying to make him comfortable in the team for six months here. And that is achieved by training. It is normal what is happening to him, it is part of an adaptation process, as happens to all players. You have to be patient, and then work, work and work. ” Hazard’s return: “We are happy to have Eden. He had a bad injury and now he is slowly improving. We are happy to have a player like him and many years.” Messes of Mbappé with Tuchel: “Everything can happen, because the players are not happy when they do not play, when they leave the field … but they are normal situations. You have to be as fair as possible.” Varane, great physical state: “Rafa is right and it is everyone’s feeling, that we are well physically, for the work we are all doing. But as always, as we play every three days, we are well and we want more.” Real and Osasuna: “The next game is the next one and it’s a final. We will have time, but there is no time for tomorrow. It is already.” Do you like Odegaard ?: “If I like it”. Varane, leader of the defense: “I think it is a logical, normal, natural process, it is a player who improves every day and every season and it has been shown that he has been in this locker room for more than 10 years, and since he arrived he is not impressed by the costumes or the players. He’s an important player like the rest of the players. ” How do you manage the minutes of your players ?: “It is a good question because in the end the management that I do and especially what I say, what I have to carry out. I have 25 very good players and I want everyone to play, it is true that some play more than others, but I want everyone to contribute to the team, to feel important. It is a bit my philosophy. In these seasons with 60-70 games we need 20-25 players And we must see that they also play with their selections. It is mentally complicated when they don’t have time for mental rest. “ The match against Real Sociedad, a final: “It’s a final. It’s not a quarter-final. It’s a final. They’re not going to lose. We have to be very plugged in from the first minute. They are very good and have shown it throughout the season. Play very good football and comes to do things well. ” The mess in Barcelona, ​​possible departure from Messi: “I am not going to comment on another team. It is a team that will compete until the end of the season. The good ones are always good. The rest is not interested. They are going to compete until the end.” Mbappé-Tuchel mess: “The same thing I am going to tell you. I am not going to comment on the other teams. I have enough here, with my own.” Changes in the derby: “The winners are the players who are on the field. I do not point to the players, when I changed it was not to point to the two players I took away. It is my job and in the end the players are the ones who change the matches. There is also no exaggerate that we play the first part badly, we play every three days and we always try to compete. Occasionally you have difficulties … “. Ronaldo once said: “Players play where they want” (Mbappé): “I’m going to answer the same thing to you, because it’s the same question. I’m not here to say what others are doing. Everyone does their job and I try to do mine here.”The return of Odegaard: “I am not considering anything. He is a player of ours and we are glad how he is playing for Real, except tomorrow. As always, he is a rival player and he will try to do very well for Real. We have to think about ours and in what we are going to do tomorrow. ” Will Hazard play tomorrow ?: “Tomorrow you’re going to see …” The weakness of Barcelona: “We are not going to take advantage. Barcelona will not have weaknesses. It will compete until the end of the season. We do not think about that, but not a minute. We are well. Happy, we must continue playing in the same way because we do not we’ve won nothing. It’s about that. You can be happy if you have something, but we don’t have anything. “Madrid’s unique speech: “I am not preparing anything. The only thing is that I am not going to comment on others. My answer will always be the same. It can be repetitive and heavy for you. You ask me what you want and I answer what I want too. Sometimes they tell me they can ask me, but it’s always the same. ” last_img

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