CMRC Super Stock championship 2016….

first_imgOne title, three VieirasTHE ongoing ‘love affair’in the 2016 Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing (CMRC) Super-Stock Championship will come to an end in Guyana in just over three weeks.The affair for the title will see current holder and defending champion Elliot Vieira, his cousin and current point leader Matthew and another cousin,Stephen,and it could could have bitter repercussions come November 13 as only one can emerge champion.And while they are relatives off the track,when they are aboard their respective motor-cycles on race day, it’s an ‘every man for himself’ race with no holds barred.Current leader Matthew is in the pole position to win the title,having a total of 166 points from three legs, (30 points from Jamaica, 75 from Trinidad and 61 from Barbados).According to the Caribbean Motor Racing Association (CMRA), the body that manages the CMRC, in the event that there are 4 rounds to the championships in one calendar year, riders will score points from their best 9 finishes. Each round consists of three races.Points are awarded using the Formula 1 scoring system (25 points for 1st, 18 for 2nd, 15 for 3rd, 12 for 4th, 10 for 5th, 8 for 6th, 6 for 7th, 4 for 8th, 2 for 9th and 1 for 10th) and Matthew has the possibility of increasing his points following a torrid Jamaica leg in which he only scored 30 points (12, 18 and 0).With a total of 75 points on offer, in the best case scenario, Matthew could move his points to 211 if he wins all three races and will automatically secure his maiden title.However, should he finish behind Stephen in all three races, he would fall seven points short of the title. Stephen has 122 points from two legs (68 in Jamaica and 54 in Trinidad) and will increase his points once he finishes in the top 10 at South Dakota.At most, all Matthew needs to do is to finish first in one race and higher than third in the other two to carry home the title.For the defending champion Elliot, things are much more complicated. His retaining the title is dependent firstly on him winning all three races with Matthew finishing outside the scoring region and Stephen finishing third or lower on all three occasions.With a total of 93 points, the addition of three wins, (75) points would push Elliot up to 168 and three third place finishes will only add 45 to Stephen’s 122, taking him to 176, a point behind the defending champion.All in all,when the dust settles one of the Vieiras will be crowned champion.As to which one it will be, fans will need to turn out to the South Dakota Racing Circuit on November 13 for the Final round of the 2016 Seaboard Marine CMRC.last_img

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