Siri New iPhone Voice Recognition App

first_imgArtificial Intelligence just got a little more savvy.Siri is a brand new iPhone app that not only contains voice recognition capabilities, but it can also interpret what is being said.  You can plan your day with it by asking where the best restaurants are near your house, what the weather is like, what’s playing at the movies and more.  You can set up dinner reservations, order theater tickets, or book a taxi.Let’s say you ask Siri where you can get sushi in Indianapolis.  You can be as broad as saying,”Where can I get some sushi around here?”  It will bring up multiple answers, with reviews, maps, and contact information.  You can ask it to remind you to buy milk after work, and it will send you an email.  This app also adapts to your preferences over time.  It’s the ultimate planner!This is app is available for FREE on iTunes, and though right now it’s only built for iPhone 3GS, the Siri website claims to be working on versions for the iPod Touch and iPhone 3G.Watch a video of the Siri app in action here.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedApple’s iOS 12 Makes Life More AccessibleJanuary 23, 2019In “Apple”ATU152 – A Day In The Life With SIRI – Anna Leung – SIRI Commands for your iPad and iPhoneApril 25, 2014In “Assistive Technology Update”ATU164 – Trick my iPhone with Wade Wingler *special episode*July 18, 2014In “Assistive Technology Update”last_img

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