December 1 2006 This continues the November

first_imgDecember 1, 2006 This continues the November 22. 2006 report of silt-cast panel construction. Two steel forms were prepared to cast a series of wall panels that will surround the walk-in refrigerator and recycling area behind the bakery, and upgrade the general entrance to the Arcosanti site. The steel forms are wide enough to accommodate two wall panels, one on top of the other. The first panels have been poured and two days later the crew applied a layer of silt on top of each panel and installed the reinforcement bar structure. [from upper left} Workshop participant Debra Frost and volunteer Darina Trendafilova, Darina and workshop participant John Foster, volunteer Alfonso Eliah and crew manager David Tollas, and again John Foster, Debra Frost, Darina Trendafilova and David Tollas. [Photos: Rafael Carvão and Sung Sik Cho & text: sa] [from left] After the completed pour of the first level the inner ring forms were moved up to accommodate the pour of the second set of panels. Volunteer Alfonso Elia taps the outer form to settle the concrete mix. [Photos: Rafael Carvão and Sung Sik Cho & text: sa] The second level is complete. The panels will now cure for a minimum of 2 weeks. In the background is the old wood-slat fence. that surrounds the recycling area behind the bakery. The next step will be to remove this fence, carefully dig out and transplant the old Star Jasmin and Honeysuckle plants, and dig a trench for the new wall panel footings. This report will continue. [Photos: Rafael Carvão and Sung Sik Cho & text: sa]last_img

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