Bissell Portable Dog Washer Vacuums Pet Like a Carpet

first_img Geek Pick: Fi Smart Dog Collar Sniffs Out Your PetMan Saves Dog Left Tied to Electrical Cord on Side of Interstate Overpass It is a truth universally acknowledged among pet owners that bath time sucks.But home care company Bissell has a solution: BarkBath.Described as “the next generation of dog bathing,” the portable system makes it easier to clean your four-legged friend virtually anywhere, anytime.For many, bathing Bailey or Bella (the top male and female dog names, respectively, according to can be a hectic, messy, and frankly environmentally unfriendly chore.Cleaning an 80-pound dog—your boxers, retrievers, setters, poodles—can require up to 19 gallons of water. BarkBath, however, promises to clean hefty hounds with only 48 ounces of water, stored in an attached container.“Bath time can be a huge pain point for both the pet and the pet parent,” Chuck Martin, general manager of innovation at Bissell, said in a statement. “BarkBath helps make pet bath time faster, easier, and less messy than ever before.”Specially designed nozzles, adjustable for long- and short-haired dogs, reach under the fur to shampoo the skin, while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate tank—instead of Jackson Pollock-ing the walls.“If we can make pet cleanup easy, more pets will be adopted,” Martin speculated.The multi-million-dollar company can’t (at least, doesn’t want to) do it alone: Early this month, Bissell launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, selling 257 units in 72 hours.As of press time, 1,000-plus backers have raised more than $113,000—225 percent of the $50,000 goal. And, with a month left, the project is bound to continue garnering interest from pet owners across the country.Discounted more than 25 percent, the early-bird BarkBath option—with portable bath unit, bath tool, no-rinse shampoo, microfiber mat and cloth, and storage bag—costs $109.For $40 more, customers can snag extras like the FurGet It brush, pet nail reducer, Drydog dual mat, and a second bottle of odor-removing shampoo; only 55 BarkBath Home Groomer units (36 percent off retail price) are still available.All perks are estimated to ship in June. Stay on targetlast_img

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