Lego Has New Jurassic World Sets to Go With an Animated Miniseries

first_img Late last year, Lego treated us a new Jurassic World tale when The Secret Exhibit aired on NBC. Now, as the company gears up for the 2019 installment of the New York Toy Fair, they’re back with more.So what does Lego have in store? For starters there’s more animated fun on the way. Owen, Claire, and their dinosaur castmates will be back with a 13-part miniseries called Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nublar. It’s due out later this year.As far as what “later this year” means, all we can tell you for now is that it’s sometime in the fall. That’s also when you’ll see a handful of new Lego Jurassic World sets arriving on store shelves. There are four on the way, and here they are.Dilophosaurus on the Loose! (168 pieces, $19.99)Watch out, kid! There’s been a lot of debate about what dilophosaurus ate over the years, but there’s no reason to test whether it likes to snack on small humans. This set comes with three minifigs: Owen, Hudson Harper, and a park worker. Owen’s quadcopter features a working net launcher that you can use to snare the escapee.Baryonyx Face-off: The Treasure Hunt (434 pieces, $59.99)No need to panic, friend! Owen, Claire and Red the dog will take care of that scary-looking baryonyx that’s on your tail. While the others are busy, Sinjin Prescott will hack through the underbrush with his machete as he follows a map to untold riches.Triceratops Escape (447 pieces, $59.99)Go for a ride on the egg spinner, but be on the lookout… there’s a triceratops on the loose! With any luck, it’s a fan of giant carrots and will follow Owen back to a nice, safe paddock and leave Allison Miles and that poor park visitor alone.T. Rex vs Dino Mech Battle (716 pieces, $89.99)If your minifigs are going to go toe-to-toe with a beast like tyrannosaurus rex they’re going to need the right hardware. And it just doesn’t get any righter than a big ol’ mech suit (as long as Dennis Nedry didn’t have anything to do with the coding).This is the biggest set in the bunch, and it’s packed with play elements. It’s got stud shooters, a treasure chest full of gold and gems, bats, baby velociraptors, and a tranq gun for good measure.Toy Fair kicks off this weekend, and we’ll have more Lego news for you. Stay tuned!More on Best Movie-Based Lego SetsLego Celebrates 20 Years of ‘Star Wars’ With Anniversary SetsLego Sets Might Be Better Investments Than Gold Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long Stay on targetlast_img

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