Meet Two Bands Competing For Pizza in These Weird Dominos Ads in

first_img Launchpad Blaze Postpones JAXA’s Cargo Ship Launch to ISSJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu Domino’s Pizza has really stepped its game up overall, though it’s still one of my least favorite pizza chains. At the very least, its pizza doesn’t resemble cheese on cardboard anymore. It’s also trying plenty of new innovative stuff out, at least in Japan, where it’s got a completely different kind of pizza menu. It’s the kind of thing, where, if I could get these kinds of flavors in the States, I might feel differently about ordering there.There are two new flavors in particular Domino’s Japan is introducing: Quattro Chicken/Quattro Cluck Cluck and Quattro Pork, or Quattro Po-po-po-pork as it’s called in Japanese. There are four different flavors on each pizza, which is where the “quattro” comes from, and they’re coming out for a limited time. To help commemorate the release of the pizzas, Domino’s Japan has introduced a band of chickens to promote the Quattro Chicken pizza. It features the members Tandoori Chicken, Yakitori Chicken and Tsukune Meatballs, Charcoal-Grilled Chicken Teriyaki, and BBQ Garlic Chicken. Those also happen to be the flavors on the pizza, and it frankly sounds amazing.But wait, there’s another band Quattro Po-po-po-pork features Giga Meat, Iberico Pork with Tomato Sauce, Pulled Pork with Smokey BBQ Sauce, and Charcoal-Grilled Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork. That’s eight band members and eight unique flavors.The commercial announcing the new favors features some super weird and decidedly creepy animation that shows off both pizzas as well as the bands competing in a battle for whose pizza is indeed better. Honestly, they both look delicious, and I want to try them all. What I do not want is for this weird horse character introduced in the commercial to continue having a mouth on the side of his face where it should not be.The weirdness continues, however, as Domino’s Japan’s Twitter account is giving away T-shirts with the kooky characters on them. Both promotions will last until the middle of August.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img

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