BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 enters beta with Android app support BBM and

first_imgIf you’ve been waiting for something really cool to try out on your recently-discounted BlackBerry PlayBook, here’s your chance. RIM has just taken the wraps off PlayBook OS 2, and the beta is now available for download.The release was announced at DevCon in San Francisco and is obviously aimed at developers, but intrepid PlayBook owners who want to sample the many new features before the update goes official can take it for a spin, too. Among the major additions are the “missing apps” — like an email client, calendar, and BBM.There’s also the Android App Player, which utilizes RIM’s Android Runtime for BlackBerry to run re-packaged apps originally developed for Google’s mobile OS. RIM’s prescribed method is for developers to run their Android apps through a converter first and then upload the signed packages to AppWorld. That means you won’t be installing Android Apps on your PlayBook directly from the Android Market or Amazon AppStore.You can, however, sideload Android apps fairly easily — N4bb offers an excellent rundown of the process.PlayBook OS 2 brings loads more changes to the platform, and they’re squarely aimed at making the BlackBerry slate an easier target for developers. Adobe Air 3 and Flash 11 are supported, Open GL ES 2.0 and Open AL are baked in, and RIM’s Native SDK –which brings support for C/C++ apps — has been certified for release as well. RIM is also snuggling up to standards-based apps built using web code like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and even WebGL with the introduction of WebWorks and a much-improved browser.There’s no way this and a handful of free apps is going to make the world forget about RIM’s numerous stumbles this year, but it’s a step in the right direction. And at least the PlayBook — which has always been a capable, powerful tablet — is getting an OS that is more on par with its hardware.More at Engadgetlast_img

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