Free software update for Kindle detailed includes real page numbers

first_imgAmazon has decided to roll out a new update for the latest generation Kindle and Kindle 3G e-readers, and with it offer up a range of new features users have been asking for.The update hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, but it is available as a manual update which can be downloaded from the Early Preview Release page. The update is classed as version 3.1.Before deciding, though, check out what the update includes below:Real Page NumbersWhile many people will use a Kindle in isolation, others like to read a book alongside a paper or PDF copy, or chat about a book with others who are reading a paper version. One of the problems with this is that Kindle doesn’t currently display real page numbers. By that we mean the page you are on in the Kindle version of a book does not relate to the page number in the printed version.This update changes that and introduces a real page number reference. All Kindle books that have a paper edition will be getting this information added, as will all the different versions of the Kindle app to support it.Public NotesIf you make notes on the books you are reading Amazon will now let you share them with others. While sharing your own notes may not sound too interesting, viewing others may be. For example, the author of a book may choose to share some notes, or a group of you studying a book might choose to pool your thoughts in this way.Before You GoThis is a great new community feature that pops up when you finish reading a Kindle book. Rather than just closing the book you will be asked to rate it, share messages about it on multiple social networks, and get recommendations for other books you may like to read next.New Newspaper and Magazine LayoutAs the title suggests, Amazon has been experimenting with a better layout for magazines and newspapers. The 3.1 update introduces it as an option if you use your Kindle for such content.As mentioned, the preview version of 3.1 is available now. However, if you wait for the final release it will automatically be applied over Wi-Fi when Amazon is happy to release it.Read more at Kindle Daily Postlast_img

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