Senegalese President Hails Creation of Mohammed VI Foundation for African Ulemas

Dakar – Senegalese President Macky Sall hailed the creation of the Mohammed VI Foundation for African Ulemas, stressing the importance of such initiatives in the fight against religious extremism.“We need a religious discourse to fight jihadist propaganda which tends to enroll and even brainwash people who do not grasp Islam precepts,” Said Senegalese President in an interview with Moroccan TV channel “Medi1 TV,” broadcast on Monday.“The Sunni and Sufi Islam we have is peaceful and tolerant (…) and we need to protect it against any external aggression”, he added, underlining that “the first fight against Jihadism will certainly be a theological struggle”. Therefore, he said, “preachers should be able to speak and explain Islam precepts”. This is an extremely important battle and Morocco, in this regard, has already made significant progress in the training of imams and teaching of Islam, said Macky Sall, noting that working with the Kingdom in this dynamic, his country will gain a lot.Regarding terrorism, the Senegalese head of State said that this threat is present in every country of the world with different amplitudes.He praised the Moroccan experience and cooperation between the two countries to fight this international scourge.With MAP

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