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first_imgTo view, please click on the links below, or read the transcripts provided.Louise WinchesterAustralian Women’s Open captain and New South Wales Combined Catholic Colleges 18’s Girls coach, Louise Winchester, was kind enough to answer some of your questions on day three of the 2011 X-Blades National Youth Championships at Stockland Park.To view the video, please click on the link, while the transcript is also included below:http://www.youtube.com/user/TouchFootballAus?feature=mhee#p/u/4/sWqRCLNH4Ss How have you past couple of days been?LW: They’ve been great, I’ve absolutely loved it with my CCC girls, they are a fantastic bunch of girls, they make it all the more enjoyable. They play good footy but they are special young ladies so I’ve enjoyed it. You had your quarter final earlier against North Queensland, can you tell us a bit about that game?LW: It was tough, to the Cyclones’ credit they came out and really gave it to us early. I was very proud of my girls in that they absorbed that pressure and then in the second half they came out and ran over the top of them with simple footy and that’s a big part of our game plan, just that simple footy, big defence and hold onto that ball and drive it out and they did that well. You have NSWCHS in the morning now, how much are the girls looking forward to that game?LW: Very much so. We’ve been talking about this one and I know that they are very excited about it and they are very much ready for it. CHS are an awesome side, they really are, they’ve got some great individual talent, they put it together well. We’ll have to be on our game, as I said the girls are really excited and are ready for it but we’ll have to play for a full 40 minutes and play some good footy which I believe the girls can and will do. How much do you enjoy coaching these girls?LW: I absolutely love it. I’m a big Touch-head and I get accused a lot of being a big Touch-head but I can’t help it, I just can’t say no to something like this. Just the coaching experience is a great one and it’s so good to give back but I get a lot from it as well through my playing but the most important thing is these young women, to coach them and give them some guidance and help them out with their Touch Footy. But as I said I absolutely love it because of the people they are, they’re just gorgeous young ladies and I love being part of their experience I guess. You were a CCC player yourself back in the day, what are your memories of playing for them?LW: Friends, that’s my main memory. When I played CCC, we used to get pumped all the time by Queensland. I guess that’s something I always remind the girls of, the friendships you can build from it, that’s something that I got out, just as well, having coaches like Gab Maher, who were my idols back in the day. To be coached by someone like her meant a lot to me so if I can give back in the way that people like Gab Maher and others give back I think I’m doing the right thing by the kids and by the sport that I love. Just moving back to Scotland (the 2011 World Cup), how exciting was it and how special was it to be the captain of the team that won the World Cup?LW: So special, it actually blew me away. Being captain is something that I’m so proud of, it’s a massive achievement for me personally. To win the game with the girls and go through undefeated and keep that special tradition of Women’s Open’s and the success that players in the past have had and to carry that on is something very special to me and to the girls. But being captain, as I said, it was above and beyond what I expected, just everything that I received from that on a personal level, I’ll never, ever forget, it was very special. We’ve had a couple of questions that have been sent through for you, one from Peter Bell, which is what do you remember most about your first experience playing Women’s Open for Australia?LW: My first experience was being absolutely so nervous. It was such a good experience and something that I’ll never forget but it was a negative experience because in our second game we lost to the Kiwis and it was the first time that Australia had lost and for me that remained and still remains a big part of me and what drives me for playing for Australia and having that negative and not taking anything for granted I guess and use that as motivation for myself and for the teams that I play with. I guess the experience in playing as well with some really amazing people, being coached by Belly, just having an absolute ball with some good friends that are still very special friends. His answer said something about a confrontation with a referee at a bar would you like to say anything about that?LW: No, I won’t, I’ll keep that classified, that’s between Belly, the girls and I. As I said, a special referee, we had some words and that’s all I’ll say, but it helped in the end. We’ve got another question, from Stacey, who says she wasn’t able to watch the Vawdon Cup games last Sunday, and she’d like to know the score from the Women’s Premier League game between Canterbury and Manly. LW: Good work Stace, it was a draw and it still hurts but it was better than a loss and I was happy with a draw Stace. The girls played very well and I was proud of the CCC girls that represented that, I was very proud of them, I had moments in that game where I was like ‘damn you girls for being so good’ but I was very proud at the same time, it was a positive/negative thing but it was a great game of footy and it was an awesome challenge and that’s what I loved, young girls stepping up and that’s what it’s about, it was very good. Nathan JonesAustralian Men’s Open captain and South Queensland Border Districts (SQBD) Sharks 18’s Boys coach, Nathan Jones, took time out to answer some of your questions on day four of the 2011 X-Blades National Youth Championships at Stockland Park.In the interview, Nathan speaks about his first experience coaching the Sharks 18’s Boys side, how it felt to captain the Australian Men’s Open side at the 2011 World Cup, and how his swimming is progressing. How have your past couple of days been, have you been enjoying coaching?NJ: It’s been different not playing, but I’ve really enjoyed it, they boys have been good and have had a good time and the weather’s been good.How did you get involved in this coaching job?NJ: I coached a couple of years ago in the 16’s with a lot of the same boys and then got asked at NTL this year if I’d be interested in coaching and I said yes straight away without thinking but I’ve enjoyed the training and the coaching. Is it something you’ll look to do a bit more in the future do you reckon?NJ: I’d say, I like coaching the younger kids, the 16-18 year olds, so I might stay involved with them, it’s always good to help out.You’ve got QSST in the semi final this morning, how much are the boys looking forward to that?NJ: The boys are really excited to play Queensland, they are the number one team, they won it last year. I watched them play on Thursday and they looked pretty good, the boys are pretty confident and I think we can do it. You’ve got a few Australian 18’s representatives in your side with Adam Pryde, Kade Bonner and Kevin Huggett, how much have they helped the team?NJ: Prydey’s been good, Prydey’s our captain, so he’s lead the boys, Kadeo’s been working on his singlet tan, that’s probably about it and Kevvie’s just been Kevvie. What do you enjoy about coaching?NJ: I’m learning as well, that’s what I said to the boys last night, it’s my first year coaching so I’m learning as I go. Just sort of talking to them and seeing them go out there and do things that we’ve talked about and be successful. How exciting was it to be the captain of the Australian Men’s team at the World Cup?NJ: The World Cup was a highlight, I’m still pretty happy about it. We worked hard and it was a tough tournament and a long build up and a very tough final.Do you have a favourite World Cup final, 2007 or 2011?NJ: Probably 2011, being captain is a bit different and I was more a leader in the team and a senior player. We had a good bunch of guys that got along really well this year, but they were both great to be a part of. We’ve got one question that was sent in from Beeso on Twitter, he’s asked how much time do you spend swimming in the pool and has your swimming improved?NJ: My swimming has always been excellent, it’s my swimming buddy who struggles a little bit, I won’t name his name, Ryan Pollock, he still struggles I think. I think when he gets back from overseas he’ll need a few more laps. Steve RobertsAustralian Men’s Open player and New South Wales Combined Catholic Colleges 18’ Boys coach, Steve Roberts, took time out to answer some of your questions on day four of the 2011 X-Blades National Youth Championships at Stockland Park.In the interview, Steve talks about his team’s rivalry with QSST, the 2011 World Cup and the importance of wearing shoes in the sub box. To view the interview, please click on the link, or view the transcript below:http://www.youtube.com/touchfootballaus#p/u/6/iDlL4oPuvcI Can you tell us a bit about your semi final win over NSWCHS?SR: It was a very tough win, we won by three in the end but we had to work right until the end for it. It’s very hot outside, the boys are really feeling it. I know Queensland had a bit of an easier win, so hopefully we’ve got enough legs in us this afternoon to beat them.How excited are the boys for the final?SR: They are very pumped. I had one boy come up to me and say ‘I’m not going to lie Steve, I’m very pumped, I’m very excited for it’, he just likes the centre stage though. What can you expect from the Queensland team?SR: Plenty of running, any Queensland team I’ve played or coached against, they are full of running so I expect them to be the same, and very quick. How much have you enjoyed this week?SR: Very good, the boys are staying with us for the first time, and the whole team has been getting along very well. There are a few antics with Dominic Field and Wes Sefuiva off the field which has brought the side closer together, it’s been great. You’ve played Queensland in the final in the past couple of years, what are your memories from the past two finals?SR: Fond memories of 09 when we beat them just by one, and then last year I actually wasn’t here for the last one but I heard that the boys fought back well and hopefully this time we get our noses in front and hold the lead. How exciting was it to win another World Cup title?SR: Very good, it was very exciting. To be able to do it with a great bunch of blokes and mates and to have my brother alongside me as well was excellent, I really enjoyed it. We’ve got a couple of questions that have been sent through, you might know who this one is from, the email is titled ‘Copyright Laws’ and it said ‘how many of my plays have you stolen this week and how much do you owe me?’ SR: That’s definitely from my brother. Little does he know that I plan the season, I actually come up with them, I just make him believe that he’s actually come up with the plays. It’s ok, I’m his younger brother so he looks after me and I look after him.We’ve also got a couple more contributed ones, which are anonymous at this stage, but you’ll probably know who they are from, but it says ‘firstly and most importantly, what are some things that coaching staff and managers need to be aware of in the sub box? I’ve heard thongs are a big issue in terms of rogue coaches not wearing enclosed shoes, is this something that you endorse?’SR: Being at the Sunshine Coast, it’s very hot, so I like to wear my thongs or jandals, depending on what side of the world you come from. I sort of like to test the event staff and make sure that they are doing their job, and making sure the OH&S is followed and that the shoes are on in the box. Have they been following up on this?They’ve been very good, I’ve gotten away with it a couple of times but other than that they’ve been very good. TFA would like to thank everyone that sent in questions for Louise, Nathan and Steve.last_img

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