Students utilize Rate My Professors to reference courses

first_imgFacebook Karlie Lucas, a junior marketing and entrepreneurial management double major, shows how to navigate the Rate My Professors website. Twitter ReddIt Tuyen Hoang Melissa Moreira, a sophomore educational studies and French double major, said she wants to know students’ opinion from Rate My Professors before making decisions about what class or what professor to take. Facebook Isuru Perera, a junior actuarial mathematics major, said is useful since he has had some phenomenal professors. Tuyen Hoang Q&A: Three professors received the Deans’ Research and Creativity Award Tuyen Hoang Linkedin Previous articleHabitudes uses images to teach leadership skillsNext articlePatterson on critics: Why do you have to be the most complete team? Tuyen Hoang RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR + posts Karlie Lucas, a junior marketing and entrepreneurial management double major, shows how to navigate the Rate My Professors website. eHarmony co-founder speaks with TCU students Twitter Tuyen Hoang Senior graphic design major Anna Rizkalla said when it comes to registration for upcoming semester, she chooses the courses mainly based on what time it is over how well the professor is rated. Students debut performances of drag personas as part of unique new course Camila Ramos, a junior psychology major, said she uses the rating website to find out what other students say about professors before signing up for courses. Tuyen Hoang Senior biology major Bakari Samin said Rate My Professors is a great way to get a heads up on type of professors and types of classes for which students are going to sign up. Thinking workshop helps students find business solutions The College of Science and Engineering Dean, Phil Hartman, retires after 40 consecutive years Linkedin Comedy group brings new approach of brainstorming to the Neeley School Tuyen Hoang is originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tuyen is a transfer student from Brookhaven College. Tuyen is a junior journalism major and sociology minor at Texas Christian University. She serves as the administration reporter for TCU 360. ReddIt Sophomore business major Heidi Nguyen said Rate My Professors is her primary resource for researching professors. print With academic advising going on, many students utilize the website to begin searching for professors and courses.The website is designed for college students who wish to look up a professor’s ranking or comments about the class. The posts are written by students who have taken the class.Adrian Rodriguez, a junior economics major, said he has been using the site for three years to get different aspects of the classes he plans to take.“I read the comments to see how the professor teaches, how the class is organized and the difficulty of the teacher,” Rodriguez said. He said he does this to get a general sense about the class itself.Rodriguez said he knew about the website and got recommendations from his friends who have enrolled in college before he came to TCU. He said some comments provide either valuable or plain insight, but overall he thinks the website is a reliable source.“I think it’s very reliable because students from the previous classes write about the professors and rate them,” Rodriguez said.Karlie Lucas, a junior marketing and entrepreneurial management double major, said she first finds out the classes she needs to take for each semester, then she looks up the different professors who teach those courses.“I’ll go on Rate My Professors and look up each individual professor to see which one is better or which one I could get along with,” Lucas said. “It tells you if they use the book or their teaching style or some people put how their tests are on there.”Lucas said based on the perspective of marketing, the rating system on Rate My Professors is similar to reviews of products.“If there’s more positive reviews, obviously I’m going to trust that more,” Lucas said. “If there’s negative reviews, I’m going to trust that more.”Junior actuarial mathematics major Isuru Perera said the website is still helpful even though sometimes the posts aren’t up to date.“It’s not always the most recent and up-to-date reviews you’ll see,” Perera said. “Nevertheless, it does give you an insight into how other students have seen their classes, how they rate their professors. Whether they’re good or bad, how they conduct the exams and homework assignments.”Perera said he uses it to determine the courses as well as the professors he wants to take.“I’ve managed to get some phenomenal professors,” Perera said. “I enjoy them. The reviews that I see on the website, most of them do reflect when I take the classes, and it’s going to be very helpful.”Sophomore business major Heidi Nguyen said that as an international student, Rate My Professors is her primary resource to get reference for classes and professors.Nguyen said she also asks for tips and advice from friends who have taken a course before, but her final decisions are still based on rankings and comments from the website.“I base my decisions on Rate My Professors,” Nguyen said. “I read the comments a lot, and most of the times I think the ratings on Rate My Professors are quite accurate.”Nguyen said she is also aware of poorly-rated and highly-ranked professors.Melissa Moreira, a sophomore educational studies and french double major, said every time she registers for class, she uses Rate My Professors to get a preview of how the professors teach.“I like to hear students’ opinions before making my decisions about what class to take or what professor to take,” Moreira said.Moreira said ratings of professors impact her decisions.“I would rather take a different class with a different professor,” Moreira said. “I’d rather get a professor that has a higher rating than a professor that has a lower rating.” Condensed semester, lost week to snowstorm adding to some students stress during finals weeklast_img read more