EDITORIAL: IT’S Time For Mayor To Be Held Accountable To The Voters

first_imgMAYORMAYOR Last Friday afternoon the City-County Observer published “breaking news” of City Attorney Nick Cirignano’s refusal to provide Evansville Brownfield’s past audits to Brownfield transparency crusader George Lumley. We believe that the City Legal Counsel’s refusal to share the records of a non-profit that is wholly funded with public monies is a smoking gun, if ever there is one!We don’t hold Mr. Cirignano solely responsible for the decision to keep EBC’s audits since 2009 under wraps, though. He has a boss, and that boss, Lloyd Winnecke just won re-election as Mayor of Evansville running on a platform of transparency. There are a lot of reasons to doubt that transparency. Before the election, it was known that the Icemen were considering leaving the city, and the investigation of the use of TARP funds for the relocation of D-Patrick’s downtown lot to the corner of Walnut and Hwy 41 was being dismissed as a routine audit. On top of those examples, we are still are awaiting the overdue publication of the results of the SBOA audit for 2014. Nobody seems to know if former Councilman John Friend  CPA was right about $6,000,000 being unaccounted for, but it is past time for the information to be made public.We hope that the Mayor will see fit to be accountable to the voters and release information concerning the details of the agreement for the new hockey team that will play at the Ford Center next year, and we hope that he will encourage the SBOA to release the overdue results of the 2014 audit. Even more, we look to him to release the Brownfields audits to George Lumley. If everything is in order, it seems that the Mayor would be anxious to make that information public. It is also disappointing to see that the mainstream media isn’t taking more interest in these issues, as it appears that they have begun to occasionally be critical of our current leadership.We are asking the Mayor to live up to his pledge of accountability and transparency by releasing the audits requested by Mr, Lumley. We have long been wondering how the Maybelle-Montrose give-away is justified and many of our readers have,too. By releasing audits, Mayor Winnecke can clarify the propriety of the expenditures that many of us have questioned. We are asking our readers to join George Lumley and the City-County Observer to call on the Mayor to live up to his campaign promises of accountability and transparency.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more