Geekout 27 Talking Windows 81 Pokemon X and Y and super smart

first_imgAs long aren’t too busy trying to install Windows 8.1, join us for our weekly Geekout.Microsoft fans — many of whom have been saying for months that Windows 8 would be better if just a few things were different — can now rejoice in the changes that are being rolled out in Windows 8.1. This update is available from the Microsoft Store if you are running Windows 8 already, and will be available on new laptops and tablets later this week. If you haven’t seen any of us talk about why it seems like a way better idea than Windows 8, now is the time!Nintendo has demonstrated this week that the world is still really happy with virtually throwing empty balls at random creatures in the wild in order to raise an army of soldiers to defeat everyone. Pokemon X and Y hit the shelves recently to an explosive 4 million sales in the first two days, and the game has kept the attention of new and old fans of the franchise ever since. Our Pokemon expert James (no, not that James) has been keeping the site filled with all kinds of tips and tricks to get more out of the game.The only thing cooler than using your phone as the remote control for a physical object is letting your phone do the driving while you focus on shooting the other racers off the track. First demonstrated at WWDC earlier this year, the Anki racecars will finally be available to purchase soon. These cars are controlled by your phone, which has an AI designed to either win at all costs or pick the best way around the other racers. It’s an impressive leap from rolling a robot ball around or controlling a quadcopter in terms of software, and well worth checking out if you’ve got the $200 to spare.Out app of the week is the new launcher replacement, Aviate beta. Instead of a typical launcher replacement, where you start from scratch in order to get a handful of new features and a hope that nothing important breaks in the process, Avite takes over your whole homescreen experience and replaces it with smart suggestions and a simple UI for accessing everything on your phone. We’ve only been using it for a day so far, but look for our extended coverage on this new app soon.If you’ve got a topic you’d like us to talk about on our Geekout, or questions for us during a live broadcast, leave us a message here or on the Google+ page.last_img read more