A week of rest worthwhile: 340 offers have been submitted to the project so far. Get involved, but not just with a discount, but primarily with a story

first_imgToday, the project was presented at the Ministry of Tourism and Sports “A week of rest worthwhile”  within which, in the period from 16 to 25 October, domestic and foreign guests are offered various tourist services and experiences by 50 percent better prices. Apply for sure, no matter what, this is a great project for our tourism. Take the opportunity and be a part of the “Vacation Week Worthy” project. Ultimately, it is up to you whether the project comes to life. You are also the narrators of the story, because the more we all push it, the more effective the communication and promotion will be. Again, synergy as well as the responsibility of everyone in this chain is key and the first prerequisite for the project to come to life. Tango always takes two. Also, as I mentioned, you do not have to give a 50% discount on accommodation, but on some other service, from wellness, massage, agency program, sports activities, etc.… it is important to put together a rounded story. But again, the destination is important, and accommodation is the basic supporting infrastructure. She also commented on the project Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac who ordered: “I am pleased with the large number of tourist entities and service providers who have joined the “Vacation Week Worthy” campaign. We are launching this action because we want to offer the domestic tourist the adventure of discovering the riches of autumn in Lijepa naša, and at half the price. Meet, explore and enjoy Croatia in the off-season and at the same time create a story of year-round tourism development with us ”.  What is the reason for that, it is difficult to say, but it certainly lacks quality communication, project promotion, trust of the profession, and ultimately the realization, ie implementation of the project. Among the registered entities whose offers are on the portal are, for example national parks and nature parks such as Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Paklenica, Risnjak, Kopački rit, Papuk, Lastovo archipelago, Žumberak-Samoborsko gorje and Vrana lake, Hotel such as Valamar Riviera dd, Arena Hospitality Group dd, Marina Punat hotel & resort doo, Hilton hotels Zagreb, Coronaro hotel, Hotel Petrčane, Importanne resort Dubrovnik, Thalassotherapy Crikvenica, Grand Hotel Lav Split, etc. They also offered their package deals Travel agencies such as Adriagate, VAL, Terra Travel, Horizon travel, etc. All lovers of culture, art, but also tourist attractions at significantly reduced prices will be able to enjoy museums such as the Natural History Museum of Rijeka, the Croatian Maritime Museum in Split, the Museum of Betina Wooden Shipbuilding, the Museum of the Trilj Region, the Archaeological Museum of Narona, but also other content  such as Aquatika – Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac, Glavani Park, Solana Nin, Segway city tour Zagreb, Quad Gorski kotar, etc. I recently wrote and gave an example of how to take advantage of the action, and that it has an effect for everyone, and stressed for the millionth time that the synergy of everyone in the destination is crucial and how it is necessary to make a complete tourist product. On the project portal “A week of rest worthwhile” there is an eye 340 valid bids (of which 159 accommodation offers,) and services at 50 percent better prices from different parts of Croatia, from the coast to the mainland, and an additional 70 applications are being processed. “It is a long-term project that will be organized twice a year, during the Easter holidays and in October. We are glad that the project has aroused great interest of tourism service providers who are our main partners and without whose cooperation this action would not be possible. Through the project, we want to positively influence the increase of tourist traffic in the periods before and after the season, but also the further development of domestic tourism. Through this action, tourists will have the opportunity to visit different parts of Croatia with 50 percent better prices for many tourist products and services, from accommodation, transportation, cultural, historical, natural sights and attractions to catering services and various experiences”, he said director Staničić, inviting all travel lovers to take advantage of the week of favorable prices, but also all tourist entities to get involved in the offer with their offers.  All interested business entities can register and submit their offers until October 15, 2020. // BRAVO LIKA. GREAT EXAMPLE OF HOW TO TELL THE STORY FOR THE “HOLIDAY WEEK WORTH A” ACTION Although the project was announced at the beginning of the year, various meetings were held on the topic of this project, but unfortunately it did not arouse great interest in the profession. Because only 340 applications is certainly a small number, especially when we know that of the total number of applications are accommodation facilities (apartments, hotels, hostels, holiday homes (). I would personally expect a minimum of 1.000 applications, that would be my first minimum project goal. / / / HOW TO USE THE “HOLIDAY WEEK WORTH” ACTION, AND IT HAS AN EFFECT FOR EVERYONE. THE KEY WORD IS SYNERGY It was on this trail that only Lika (at least as far as I know) did something similar. But, again, the project was made by the synergy of the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Plitvice Lakes and the Tourist Board of the town of Gospić, and not the whole of Lika. Well done to Gospić and Plitvice Lakes, but it is a pity that others do not follow them. Also, in addition to the tourist package, crucial is that the local joined the campaign receptive agency for the area of ​​Gospić, Plitvice Lakes, Lika and surroundings, Laudon Travel. It is the receptive agency that is in charge of the ready-made programs it offers on the market, which is the main role of the travel agency. Again, in this example we see how tourist boards are crucial and how we need them. Not in its current form, we certainly need a real reform of the system, but in my opinion, it is the tourist boards that are key to the strategic development of the destination. As you know, my position is that we need to brand the regions. We need to strengthen and encourage receptive agencies and arrange the system according to the DMK / DMO concept across regions. Imagine that now for this action one destination has made a thematic week and a story, and as a whole destination it has appeared on the market. Again, the main focus is on the story, the motive for coming – and the discounts are just the icing on the cake and an additional motive. For example, the recently completed phenomenal HeadOnEast project in Osijek. Here the destination and the story play a key role. It is great that the action will be organized twice a year, during the Easter holidays and in October, as well as what it is about long-term project. Also, we must be aware, regardless of constructive criticism, that the project has yet to come to life in the market, and that it certainly takes 2-3 years to show itself in full swing. As well as the Cro card project. It takes a lot of time, money and communication to create a new habit, it is a process, but we have to actively deal with it. Submitted to the project so far samo 340 offers. A lot or a little? This means that along the way you should monitor how the project, partners and market breathe and accordingly correct some possible mistakes in the steps (which always are and always will be, as in every project) but you should be aware of them, detect and correct, upgrade and supplement, change the direction of communication, etc.… the project as well as the market is a living “organism”, it is not static and predictable, and the evaluation should always be followed and influenced how to get it back on track. Photo: HTZ Promotional video project Holiday week worth These are important things that someone needs to communicate, define, push and ultimately implement. That is why leadership (leadership) as well as quality communication is key, and later project evaluation – key. And that is exactly what the CNTB is missing. Things are much more complex with a lot of challenges and obstacles, but that’s exactly why we have to deal with challenges and push forward. I sincerely hope that the CNTB will evaluate the project, and ask yourself key questions, in order to find answers as well as solutions on how to better prepare the entire project in the second wave. All of this is normal in any project, nor can it come to life right away. Ultimately as we know it the motive for coming is not accommodation, just listing the offers on the website is not enough nor does it have any effect. The motive for arrival is the destination and content, not accommodation or a 50% discount. All owners of accommodation facilities complained about the big discount, because that is where the biggest profit is. So the whole story needed to be arranged completely differently, as did the web platform. The focus must be on destinations and content. Also, the current crisis in tourism, as well as the bad season (no matter which is better than we expected) should be an additional motivation for entrepreneurs to join this project, precisely because they are trying to earn something more this season. You can sign up HERE. Get involved, but not just with a discount, but primarily with a story. Ideally, the destination (tourist boards), in agreement with all partners in the field, compose and lead the story and push the narrative of the destination. So it should be logical and natural. As we know, the project will also be implemented during the Easter holidays, so we have time to make progress and correct perhaps some omissions this year. Action. Ultimately, the goal of the project is to extend the tourist season and activate domestic consumption more strongly, which is in everyone’s interest. Also, this is certainly an opportunity to position continental and rural destinations.last_img read more