Nvidia believes Tegra 5 will outperform a PS3

first_imgMobile gaming has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years due in large part to the rate at which the hardware is improving. Each new generation brings with it a performance bump, which has seen the smartphones in our pockets and tablets in our bags manage near console-quality gaming.But how close to the current generation of consoles are mobile devices? According to Nvidia, the next generation of mobile processors will in fact outperform both a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.That claim has been made by Tony Tamsai, Nvidia’s senior vice president of content and technology. And going on the performance bump each generation of Nvidia’s Tegra chips has brought so far, he may have a point.The PS3 is rated at 200GFLOPS, where as the PS4 takes a massive leap forward to 1800GFLOPS. Now if you look at Nvidia’s mobile processors, the Tegra 3 ran at 12 GFLOPS, Tegra 4 is set to bring near 7x increase and will run at 80GFLOPS. So it’s actually quite a confident prediction to make that when Tegra 5 arrives it will easily achieve more than 200GFLOPS of performance.Looking at Nvidia’s release history, Tegra 2 launched in Q1 2010, Tegra 3 launched in Q1 2012, and Tegra 4 is set to launch in the next few months. So it’s safe to assume that Nvidia will be rolling out Tegra 5 at some point in mid-2015. If we see the same level of performance gain between Tegra 4 and 5 as seen between Tegra 3 and 4, then Nvidia should be getting close to PS4 performance levels by the time Tegra 6 is rolled out.But what Tegra won’t do for the foreseeable future is get anywhere near Nvidia’s top-of-the-line desktop graphics card the GeForce GTX Titan. With a rating of 4500GFLOPS, it’s by far the most powerful card on the market by a massive margin.last_img read more