House-to-House data is not credible!

first_imgDear Editor,Guyanese citizens and other public observers will not deny that the infused Keith Lowenfield wicked and corrupt House-to-House Registration lacks credence and authenticity. It has realised results lacking the potency of acceptance by the majority and as it turns out, driven by agents of the PNCR and the Government to cause deliberate confusion by an approach riddled with misinformation. Further, after the Chairman of GECOM ruled that the House-to-House is to cease on August 31, 2019, it is illegal for Lowenfield and the PNC to extend the time for the enumerators to work.The time for enumerators to do the House-to-House Registration is gazette to take place in the registration areas of Kamarang, Paramakatoi, Mahdia and Annai as follows:1. Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 17:30 pm and on weekends and holidays 9:00 am to 15:30 pm.2. Further, GECOM published in the gazette that official time for the House-to-House Registration exercise is Monday to Friday 15:30 pm to 19:00 pm, and weekends and holidays 09:00 am to 15.30 pm.Hence, it is illegal for GECOM to change the times at their whims and fancy, which raises numerous questions.Many enumerators are also complaining bitterly that they are working and they cannot get time off to work all those hours. Inside sources within GECOM informed that the PNC is trying a thing to get some strange people registered.Why is there a rush to increase the working hours of the enumerators?One would believe that GECOM has already decided to merge the information of the House-to-House Registration with that of the National Register of Registrants Database (NRRDB), without even ascertaining whether the Jamaican model could accurately handle the merger and the cross-checking for the numerous duplications that would unfold.We must appreciate that the imminent Justice Claudette Singh as Chairman of GECOM is in the ‘hottest’ seat and that it is necessary for all Guyanese to give her the required support in belling this huge perpetuated corrupt monster. What the Chairperson has inherited at GECOM is indeed strongly embedded roots of corrupt officials planted to administrate and key aspects of the agency. The auditors are fully aware of serious corruption that took place previously and is taking place at GECOM. Hence, Justice Claudette Singh will have to be thorough in her dealings and sanitise GECOM of all its incompetence.Resulting from this apparent milieu is the persistence of deliberate advisory misinformation peddled from the Secretariat to the Chairman of the Commission. It is clear that the merging of the current House-to-House Registration information to the existing NRRDB would create enormous problems or delays, as some duplications would not be easily identified for elimination, based on the incorrect recording of information during the registration.Certainly, more time would have to be utilised to correct the deliberate mishaps. It is of note that Keith Lowenfield did not invite the PPP as the main Opposition to provide scrutineers for the registration exercise, and thus, significantly compromising the validity of the exercise with regards to monitoring.The way to go to ensure a valid list is simply to go straight to the Claims and Objections where names of those qualified to register is added to the preliminary List of Electors, and the names of the deceased on the list are verified and deleted. This process would provide a far more accurate list than the merging factor and considering that the elections have been due since March, this process would enable an election by October of this year.Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img read more