Apple approves app to toggle Bluetooth from the home screen

first_imgApple is famously strict with the apps it approves for use on the iDevices, but it has just approved one uncharacteristically useful utility called Bluetooth OnOff. This app adds a simple Bluetooth toggle to the home screen of an iOS device, thus saving numerous taps to get at the settings.The app is launched like any other, but will open with a quick toggle to change the Bluetooth setting. There is also a setting in the app that will automatically toggle the Bluetooth to the opposite of the current state when you launch the app. One tap, and you’re done. Apple has traditionally tried to keep system settings locked down, so this is bizarre indeed. The toggles for Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more are a few levels deep in the settings, which can be annoying.This has been a sore spot for users over the years. When iOS 5 was released, users found a way to use specially configured browser bookmarks to change settings. However, iOS 5.1 closed that loophole. The constant need to dive into the settings has had some iPhone users looking sideways at Android with its open system of home screen widgets.Often times when Apple approves an app that seems outside the norm for iOS, the app disappears from the store hours or days later. Bluetooth OnOff has survived for a few days so far, so perhaps this is the first sign Apple is turning over a new leaf in the app review process. If this app does survive, I’d love to see apps for all the various radio toggles. The solution might not be the most elegant, but it works.Bluetooth OnOff is selling for $0.99 in the App Store, and you might want to grab it soon if you’re remotely interested — just in case.Bluetooth OnOff, via iMorelast_img read more