Private schools dominate NGSA top spots

first_img…Roopnaraine disappointed with overall performance After a long delay, the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) results were finally revealed on Tuesday during a news conference where the top one per cent of performers were announced. The results were read live by Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD). The top position was shared by Anthony Ferreira of Mae’s Under 12 and Aryan Singh of Dharmic Rama Krishna with a score of 568 marks.Third position was gained by Sarena Razak of Graham’s Hall Primary with 565 marks. Fourth position was gained by Chelsea Barnes of Success Elementary with 563 marks. Securing the fifth position was Arun Sooknarine of Dharmic Rama Krishna with 562 marks.Helia Agrad of Success Elementary gained the sixth position with 561 marks. The seventh position was shared by five candidates: Indie Rampersaud of Success Elementary, Justin Seecharan of Success Elementary, Jonathan Ganga of Leonora Primary, Divya Nandalall of Mae’s Under 12 and Lemuel Assing of New Guyana School.The NGSA, which was written on April 27 and 28 earlier this year, saw 14,386 candidates participating. Schools will officially release results today.Subsequent to the release, Guyana Times caught up with the children within the top ten who expressed feelings of euphoria, having earned their spot in the country’s list of best performers.When this publication visited the school of the two top performers, students, teachers and parents around the compound were in high spirits as they celebrated the victory.Speaking with an excited Ferriera, he related that he had expected to be placed in the top ten for the country, but had not anticipated being the best overall performer.“I’m overjoyed. I’m very happy that this happened. I knew that I would probably be in the top ten or top twenty but I didn’t know I would’ve gotten first.”Although the preparation road was a rocky one, he explained that his family and teachers were always present to guide him with his studies.He thanked his teachers, family and the Almighty for playing an integral role in his achievement.Meanwhile, Singh was at a loss for words as he tried to grasp the reality that he had been placed as one of the best performers in Guyana.“This was shocking at first, I didn’t believe it. I went to my aunty and she told me the Internet has it,” he relayed.The aspiring Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the World Bank said that he had not attended any lessons like other students, but made it his mandate to put in a number of hours studying.This did not come easy as he was forced to sacrifice many recreational activities so as to fulfil his dream of attending Queen’s College.Singh related that his success during the NGSA was due to the assistance and encouragement of his family and teachers, who were all part of the long journey.With three marks less than the top rankers was Razak from Graham’s Hall Primary. The visibly confident student highlighted that although she was expecting to be placed in the top ten, the actuality of her acquiring the title of the country’s third top performer was b eyond her imagination.Reminiscing on her preparations leading up to the examination period, Razak said: “I didn’t take it too hard. It was just like a normal exam to me, but I had to put aside some cricket, swimming and some karate.”Earning a position right below Razak was the elated Success Elementary student Chelsea Barnes.According to the 11-year-old, the NGSA examination proved to be challenging since it called for her to sacrifice many of her hobbies, which included watching television and gaming.“I’d like to thank God because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have done what I’ve done now. I’m really, really happy and filled with mixed emotions right now,” the child told this publication.Barnes also thanked her parents for their encouragement.Acquiring a second spot in the list of top ten best performers for the Dharmic Rama Krishna is Arun Sooknarine, who told this publication that he was relieved that the examination has concluded and results proved to be favourable for him.“My heart just can’t stop beating all the time. I was just so excited, because I saw the smiles on their faces and I knew it was good news,” the country’s fifth top ranker said.Another of the four children who copped a position in the top ten for Success Elementary school was Helia Agard, who credited her accomplishment to months of dedication and hard work.Like the other students, she too had to sacrifice her recreational activities.Rampersaud, Seecharan, Ganga, Nandalall and Assing – the five candidates who shared the seventh spot were elated to be in the top ten and shared that hard work and determination were their motto during the period leading up to the examination. They also took the opportunity to encourage the next batch of students to stay focused on their academics as it always pays off in the end.DissatisfactionMeanwhile, Education Minister, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, following the release of the results on Tuesday, expressed his dissatisfaction with the overall performance.He said he was hoping that the recommendations of the education Commission of Inquiry (CoI) will put the sector back on its rightful path.The overall subject analysis shows that the performance in English Language and Social Studies was consistent with previous years’. The performance in Mathematics and Science, however, this year, fell below that of previous years. The highest possible standardised scores obtainable were Mathematics –162, English – 138, Social Studies – 134 and Science – 149. The highest possible total obtainable was 583.According to Dr Roopnaraine, an analysis is currently being conducted to ascertain the specific areas in which pupils experienced the greatest difficulty. He said that the Education Ministry has made concerted efforts to include items that would stimulate critical and higher level thinking. The analysis, he said, will have deep implications for the instructional approaches adopted by teachers going forward.“The practices of drilling and teaching to the test that had been adopted over the years will do little to benefit pupils in this new dispensation. Work will be continued throughout the system to ensure that teachers focus on fully teaching the appropriate concepts and raise pupils’ competence levels rather than employing the antiquated traditional approaches,” he saidNotably, this is the first time in years that boys performed as well as the girls at the NGSA.Meanwhile the cut-off point for the country’s top secondary schools are: Queen’s College at 541; the Bishops’ High School, 531; St Stanislaus College, 522; St Rose’s High, 516; St Joseph High, 508 and President’s College, 493.last_img read more